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the ripple

the ripple is an idea for the core user experience.

I haven't quite figured out the user experience yet. It's gone through a few iterations. Currently I'm using something like a "stack of cards" like a combination of a group chat on the top half of the screen and a twitter thread on the bottom half. There's currently a text box in the middle for writing your own thoughts.

The ripple is an alternative user experience. When you're in ripple mode, a new thought ripples into 10-30 new thoughts that you may choose to link to. You can select from any of these to navigate around, or you can simply enter your response into the think box.

These thoughts from the ripple have suggestions, denoted with [brackets]. A suggestion is a link to what comind thinks it knows about the text. [bryan] above might tell you upcoming plans with bryan, tell you that his birthday is coming soon, or that bryan has nice taste in slacks.

The ripple is not an MVP product. It is expensive, and it is hard to do correctly. I suspect I would need a lot of implementation time, experimentation, etc. So – consider this a design document of sorts.

Here's a few examples of suggestions you might get from a ripple. They are links but they don't do anything – you can click them if you want, I guess. Anyway here's some examples of thoughts from a ripple:

Suggestions are a way to point people towards action or further insight. The ideal way you interact with comind is just typing new things or clicking from thought to thought, and having a convenient navigating interface can help the users get around more easily.

I'm working on it – at current it feels super fucking cool. I would love to experience this as a user, and as a nerd clicking around WikiPedia for hours on end.

Thoughts and suggestions to [email protected], at least until Comind is actually working. Then you can send it to me with @cameron.

– Cameron

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