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protect your brain

Reading a tweet is a bit like downloading an (attacker-controlled) executable that you instantly run on your brain. Each one elicits emotions, suggests knowledge, nudges world-view.

In the future it might feel surprising that we allowed direct, untrusted information to brain.

— Andrej Karpathy (@karpathy) March 9, 2024

Andrej Karpathy tweeted about the dangers of reading tweets. It's a good reminder that we should be careful about what we let into our brains.

A goal for comind is to make it easier to think critically about the information we consume. I want to provide an easy way to contextualize what you're looking at, and to make sure that we show you only what is meaningful, informative, and helpful.

fixing the collective trap

When Product Markets Become Collective Traps: The Case of Social Media, thanks to

[writeup to come]

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