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devlog 2024-05-24

Wow, been a long time since my last devlog. It's been a weird few weeks, with some misc poor moods, lots of evening/weekend events. My actual job at Stanford has also been a lot recently.

Anyway – I thought I'd do a whole-ass overview of what's been going on and what's changed.



using PropertyGraphs

# Set up some nodes
john = Node(1, "person", "human"; name="John Doe", age=25)
jane = Node(2, "person", "human"; name="Jane Doe", age=26)

# Set up some edges
john_jane = Edge(1, 2, "friend of"; since=2010)
jane_john = Edge(2, 1, "friend of"; since=2011)
husband = Edge(1, 2, "husband of"; since=1992)
wife = Edge(2, 1, "wife of"; since=1992)

# Make the graph
graph = PropertyGraph(
      Node[john, jane], 
      Edge[john_jane, jane_john, husband, wife]

# Perform a match query to get all "human" nodes,
# returns a new graph with john and jane.
match(graph, NodePattern("person", "human"))

# returns just john
match(graph, NodePattern(name="John Doe"))

# Matching edges is similar, this returns a graph with 
# just the "friend of" edges
      EdgePattern("friend of")

# You can also provide an arbitrary number of patterns to 
# match on. For example, this will return a graph with
# john and jane, as well as the husband/wife edges
# between them.
      NodePattern(name="John Doe"),
      NodePattern(name="Jane Doe"),
      EdgePattern("husband of"),
      EdgePattern("wife of"),


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A thought bubble


Life has been very much in the way lately. I've been able to do some work on comind here and there but I've been quite burned out from work and I often feel like I need a break. The nights and weekends thing I've been doing is fun and all, but it has been very difficult to juggle having a job, trying to exercise regularly, and spending time with people I love.

At the same time, I'm also looking for work as my postdoctoral contract ends relatively soon. Sadly, I do not have the financial resources to take a vacation of any kind, otherwise I would happily take off several months to work on comind. The days when I have a full workday are absolutely insane – I end up accomplishing the same amount of work in a day that I do over an entire week of nights & weekends.

Anyway. Looking forward to more stuff. I am delighted with the property graph stuff, and I'm happy I was able to sit down and hand-write the entire business down. Feels good to have a plan.

– Cameron

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