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devlog 2024-04-21, the chattening

Finally, the front end is (very roughly) hooked up to the back end. The work for the past week or two has been building Welder.jl, which is Comind's websocket handler for managing what basically amount to chat rooms with a lot of bells and whistles.

You can see a video on X of this working, which also includes a rough demo of what the UI is starting to look like.

The markdown editor is clean and easy to work with. I'm using Tiptap. A very, very early version of Comind used Tiptap, so I have some familiarity and was able to bolt it into the frontend relatively quickly today. I jettisoned tiptap a while ago because it doesn't really have a clear analogue to a native mobile app platform (there's discussion about React Native support for tiptap).

At this point, I'm committed to just getting a fuckin' web out now and dealing with the mobile app side later. Ultimately, mobile development is hard and it is simply not my forte. Web shit is easy to hack together and I really just want something I can start showing people to see how they use it. Eventually I would like to hire or partner with someone to build the mobile side.

Big day! Lots and lots of code across many repos. There were some additional changes to authentication, misc Welder.jl functionality, and tons of UI improvements, functionality, and appearance.

Also I submitted a YCombinator application tonight. I am not really banking on that being anything but I figured I'd submit one anyway.

– Cameron

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