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devlog 2024-04-05

Making a new, ultra simple terminal UI for Comind. I tried this with Rust in another project, but I found the weight of rust to be a bit much for a simple terminal UI. I'm going to try it in Julia and see how it goes.

It won't be as portable since you can't really bundle the Julia runtime well, but I don't really mind.

The goal of the UI is to be able to do all the functions I want to test the core functionality of comind without having to muddle through a garbage web interface I have half built. A stable, simple, fast terminal UI should accomplish basically everything I need, and it'll give me some admin functions that I've wanted to have for a bit.

Slow night tonight – I was off doing other things and didn't get as much dev time for myself. Also, can't believe I have to cook fook sometimes. What the fuck, man.

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